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Terms of Business


  1. Services must be paid for in advance by direct debit or cash as per the invoicing details provided by Nourish to you.


  1. Please arrive at the agreed start time for your consultation, or be available for your call at the agreed start time; if you are late, the duration of the service may be reduced and Nourish will not be obliged to make up for any lost time.

  2. Consultations may be re-scheduled by giving 48 hour’s written notice by email. This means that your consultation may be re-scheduled for another date but it will not be refunded. If you do not give 48 hour’s written notice, your Consultation and fees paid may be forfeited.

  3. Nourish reserves the right to amend any consultation upon 24 hour’s written notice to you (using the contact details you have provided) or as otherwise agreed with you. Nourish will endeavour to reschedule your consultation as soon as possible.

  4. If you have commenced a programme and wish to cancel prior to the end of all scheduled services offered within the programme, you shall be obligated to pay all fees accrued prior to the effectiveness of your cancellation. Louise Hallett reserves the right to include fees for all preparatory work and research undertaken in addition to the scheduled contact dates for consultations and calls.

  5. 3 month programmes must be completed within a 15 week window.

  6. Nourish reserves the right to decline to provide the Services to you for any reason and will refund any amounts pre-paid by you for Services not received.

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