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Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Programmes

Does this sound like you? ​

  • You’re feeling feel stressed, struggling to find any energy to sustain the day let alone exercise

  • You can't seem to lose weight despite all your efforts

  • You're struggling to conceive 

  • You are pregnant/have had a child and feel completely unsure on what to eat

  • You suffer from female or male hormone related issues (PCOS, PMS, Prostate etc)

  • You have IBS style symptoms; bowel movements are loose and/or constipated

  • You're suffering other gut symptoms and don't know what to do

  • You’ve been to GP so many times and they still haven’t been able to help you

If the answer is ‘yes’ then I may be able to help you!

I work with people with a variety of gut issues, rebalancing female & male hormones, family health and general nutritional advice for all ages

Work with me: Services

3 Month

One to One Consultation packages

Creating new habits doesn’t happen over night. I want to give you achievable lifelong positive changes. When we have finished our journey together, I want you to be happy and confident to continue alone. My aim is to empower you, I want you to feel great and reach your goals. Through experience, I have found when working with my clients over a minimum of 3 months sees the best long term results.   With this in mind,  I have created a package to support this.  I will work with you intensively over a period of 3 months. I will be guiding you through step by step of your bespoke plan.  I want you to be and feel fully supported.  With regular contact I can guide and help keep you on track and be motivated to do so.  

A typical 3 month health programme will include:

  • 7 consultations over 3 months:  

    • 4 face to face or online (zoom, skype, facetime)

    • 3 online or over the phone 

  • During our first consultation, I will look at your health concerns with a 365 degree view in mind.  We will cover your health both past and present, lifestyle, sleep and even daily routine. Together with evaluating your current eating habits

  • My advice to you will be dietary, lifestyle, exercise, relaxation and sleep all to fit into your lifestyle.  A bespoke plan will be built over the 3 months to incorporate any tweaks and changes required along the way

  • Recommendations for any testing.  Test interpretation and further recommendations thereon


  • A bespoke supplement plan 

Please note: Testing and supplements will be at an additional cost

On occasion, 3 months may not be necessary and a 30 day plan may be best.  When you get in touch we can discuss this

If you would like to work with me please get in touch for your free 15 minute discovery call

Diet MOT



This is a great way to find out whether your current diet is providing you with everything you need, or if there are areas that need changing. This is especially useful for vegans and vegetarians, and includes:

  •  1 hour consultation to discuss your current diet, discuss my findings and provide you with any relevant recipes and/or handouts

  • I will thoroughly assess your diet and nutrient intake.

  • A Diet MOT will NOT include any personalised health analysis or advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to find out more and/or book your free 15 minute discovery call


Talks and workshops

Please get in touch

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