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What is Nutritional Therapy?

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery.  When in optimal balance, we have optimal health.  Unfortunately, modern life throws many challenges to upset the status quo.  Even small stressors build and gradually shift that balance.  

Nutritional Therapy uses up-to-date, evidence based science to promote health and wellbeing. Nutritional therapy is not a 'one size fits all' approach nor is it a 'pill for ill'.  This is due to

  • every person being unique

  • your body is whole and works as a whole.  ALL your body systems (immune, digestive, hormonal etc.) are interconnected.  No body system operates in isolation.

Nutritional Therapists are trained to take the time and ask the right questions to find the why’s for symptoms; aiming to uncover the root cause and why they have arisen in the first place and then how to rebalance.  This is achieved through nutrition and also considers environment, exercise, sleep and stress.  In other words;  if your sink was overflowing would you reach for the mop or turn off the tap; Nutritional Therapy aims to turn off the tap.    


Nutrition and lifestyle approaches to healthcare have been shown to support the health of all the major systems of the body.


Get in touch today to see how I can help you return to your balance.

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